“The Original Six humans that Trisdyan summoned to save Glendoch from dying … it’s a long story … we’ll have to tell you later … but at least you know where home is now!”

“But Grimorex said all the passages between our worlds were closed up.”

“They are. And yet, here you are,” Grimorex replied.

Blue fell quiet for a second. Then he shook himself.

“Okay, let’s shelve this for now.” He gave Meylyne a fierce look. “I guess I’m outnumbered so I’ll let you go into the ice-palace alone but the minute Grimorex signals any trouble, I’m coming in!”

Meylyne squeezed his hand. “I’m counting on it!”

Deep down, she was scared stiff to go by herself. Especially seeing as the first time she’d done an invisibility incantation it had gone so horribly wrong.

“I’d better have another look at that spell,” she muttered. “The last thing I need is to turn myself into a toad.”

Pulling off her mittens, she huddled in her alcove and found the chapter on how to invisiblize everything from your breath to a fleet of ships. She read it once, frowned, and then read it again.

“This is so weird.”

“What is?” Blue asked.

“It’s like I said before—this incantation makes perfect sense now. How did I mess it up so badly the first time?”

“You needed practice,” Hope said. “Like I say all along!”